The story behind this campaign is a funny one. There were a giant pile of old Betacam tapes in Warner Channel office, slated to be disposed. I was told to double check in those tapes, before throw them away, just to be sure there was “nothing important” in there. I saw on tape with this incredible promotional footage, with talent of different shows, standing there in front of the green screen, fooling around and saying short phrases. I played with that footage a little while, and ended with a couple of sequences that actually made some kind of sense. Antonio Rojas, then Warner Channel’s VP of Creative Services, saw some potential in this, made a couple of calls and put together a wonderful team of amazing people that put a lot of heart in this project. So, a footage that nobody noticed and that was doomed to be thrown away was turned into a very special award-winning campaign!



Creative Coordination and Art Direction: Antonio Rojas (Warner Channel).

Concept, Editing: Viewsuales.
Graphic Design: Eduardo Maraggi y Fernando Vallejos, Media Luna (

Original Music: Arturo Cabrera (Infinity)

Audio Mixing: Wladimir Quintero (Infinity)

2009 PromaxBDA Latin America - Gold Winner. 

Category TV 2 General Branding/Image Campaign (Multiple)


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